Series II is here!

SPARVARS minicans are one-by-one handmade miniature 1/5 scale aerosol sculptures, made to look like an Eighties key fob.

They are limited to just 5 numbered pieces per colour. A number which is modeled into their bottom. There is a 'pea' (mixing ball) inside, which rattles when you shake the little spray can. Just like a real can of paint. Series II comes in 12 different colours, including Glow In The Dark and Neon Pink and some of Series I's crowd pleasers such as Rapsgelb and Verkehrsrot. Pick your favourite colours from the colour chart above (see pictures).

All SPARVARS minicans come with a miniature sticker sheet, a tiny spray stencil and a spare label sticker, might you scuff yours.
The length of the whole key chain is 95 mm (approx. 4"). The measurements of just the minican are 46 mm x 14 mm (roughly 2" x 1/2").

SPARVARS is a tribute to and an accumulation of two personal classics; Star Wars and the (loving the smell) Sparvar spray paint. It a re-occuring design in Baschz's work, which started with a logo T-shirt back in 2005, also available in the webshop.

*Spray The Force Be With You*

Disclaimer: SPARVARS minicans are 3D printed in PLA plastic. PLA cannot withstand extremely high temperatures. Temperatures above 55ºC or 130ºF can cause the plastic to deform and should therefor be avoided. For instance it is not recommended to wash it with hot water or leave the item in a piping hot car or in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time. Lamball Bakra and Baschz Leeft are not responsible for any damage as a result of high heat exposure. PLA is 100% biodegradable.

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origineel, goed uitgevoerd en het feit dat er zelfs een balletje in zit is gewoon super! Alles op tijd ontvangen zonder problemen.

Best ever!!! Lekker rammelen met je bus!!

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