BASCHZ LEEFT Logo T-Shirt Faux Mesh Edition


-Fresh Prince

People asked for the black-and-white version of this design to come back, so here it is. With a slight twist again of course.

Apart from himself, his late cats WhoQui and Kleijntje (third and first from the left) and, since the previous edition also Moos (second from left), the design has been altered to fit in Poes (far right), who now lives with Baschz and of course needs to be part of his logo from now on.

This version comes in a sporty look, mimicking a sports mesh, since it was part of Baschz' art intervention in an old sports store for Feest Der Leegstand .

White hand pulled screen printed logo on a heavy weight high quality Black or Red B&C teeshirt.

Be sure to check the size chart for proper sizing (last picture). If your size is sold out, please drop me a line and I will get back to you ASAP.

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