SPAM x Lamball Bakra T-Shirt


The first collaboration piece on Lamball Bakra is with the multi-talented S.P.A.M. van Griensven.

For Lamball Bakra she designed a cyclist clearing their head, riding all the way around your waist from the back to the front.

The design is printed in a very subtle gradient from white to soft pink.

Since Ladies tees have seams that cannot be printed over, this particular shirt is only available in Unisex sizes. We've added the largest kids' size as it closely resembles a Women's XXS in measurements and Unisex XS might not be small enough for some. Please see last picture to make sure you choose the correct size. If your size isn't in stock at the moment, please send us a message and we'll get back to you a.s.a.p.

Split fountain hand-pulled screen print on a 100% cotton high quality heavyweight black B&C Exact 190 T-Shirt.

S.P.A.M. van Griensven's work ranges from super realistic collage-like oil paintings to meticulously built mystical miniature worlds and characters. From short movies to the props, stop-motion puppets, posters, gashapon toys, trading cards and other merchandise for it. Always displaying her fine making skills and beautiful associative mind. All of which you can see more of on her website and instagram

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